Current Fundraising activities

See past fundraising activities.

All our fund raising activities have involved an element of enjoyment and fulfilment consistent with making the most of life and the optimistic philosophy that underlies the constitution of the Fund.

We are always interested in ideas that build on our past record of a slightly unusual approach to fund raising such as strenuous activities in inappropriate attire such as the London Marathon and Maldon Mud Race undertaken in dinner jackets. We have also organised unusual cultural events and even a run to Asia and back by Sir David Durie. He is former Trustee and ran across one Bosforus bridge and back across the other!

Please send to us your address if you are interested in participating in any way.

Long Walk:

The Long Walk is an ongoing project. The completed route now stretches from Tangiers to Santiago di Compostella, and from Paris to Walsingham. We are looking for volunteers to link the gap from Paris to Santiago. The more appealing stretches will be through great wine growing areas. We have already extended the walk into Scandinavia.

There are many ways that you can contribute to the work of the Fund. You could organise or participate in an event. If it would be easier please make a donation through PayPal at our donations page.